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Senior Recruiter & Executive Search Consultant



We find great Candidates for hard to fill Jobs!



SPECTRA Associates
P.O. Box 688   Stevensville, MT 59870

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The Company


It is our goal to build a mutually beneficial working relationship with every client. We strive to function as an employment consultant and business partner in helping you find the best candidates for your job requirements. Every candidate will be appropriately screened and qualified for your specific job requirements and location.



We work one on one with all candidates. All fees are paid by our client companies. You will know where, and when your resume is sent. Your information is held in the strictest of confidence.

How to Choose and Work with a Recruiter

Don't work with multiple recruiters! You are looking for an ethical and professional individual who will be honest with you, and help you in every way possible. When you have selected your recruiter, commit to that individual.

Don't Lie! If there are areas in your employment history that you feel may be negative, discuss that situation with your recruiter. These issues can be handled in a positive way.

Don't expect a recruiter to help if you have little or no relevant experience in the discipline you have chosen to pursue! Recruiters are paid by their client companies to present candidates with specific skill sets. These skill sets "must" meet the job requirements of the client.